Kim Kardashian And Anthony Weiner Sext-Gate

Jun 12, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Oh yes he did.

We can add Kim Kardashian to the social media trend of Weinergate-like scandals. Seems like Kim has an affinity to sexting, and did so, while still courting her current fiancee, Kris Humphries. The recipient of Kim’s sex-typing is another athlete knucklehead, Bret Lockett, who blabbered to the media. What a douche bag.

What is so hot about sexting? Am I so old and corny that I don’t get the sex appeal behind twinkling a few phone keys? Does the sheer act of typing the words “sex” or “touching myself” get one aroused? Let me start by admitting that I am not a huge fan of texting about anything, business or pleasure. I have tried not texting but find it to be a fact of life because no one wants to communicate directly anymore. Surely the good old days of a quick meeting are long gone, replaced with emails. And now everyone’s inbox is so jam packed with junk mail to the point where you are actually spending too much time trying to order painkillers from Canada rather than respond to the time sensitive issues at hand. No, texting is the new eye to eye combat. And Twitter is the interstate highway of texting. We are reduced to a few words to make our point in order to get things done. Besides all that, the thought of thumb-typing my sexual prowess to the great abyss is weird. At least with SKYPE you get a great visual. It is the next best thing to being there. Oh, you haven’t SKYPE-tanged? How old are you?

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