The Not Best Dressed: Christmas Edition

Rooney Mara has been wearing very pale dresses now since the CFDA Vogue thing. But this is a tad too wedding, no?

I know, I know. We are not allowed to say anything bad about the Fanning Girls but dressing like a snowflake is getting a little too in the holiday spirit.

Whoever they are, they would get lost in a snow drift.

Silver Belles... ding a ling.

Even Justin Bieber got into the White Christmas of it all while hanging out with Barack Obama.

It's all al littel to frothy if you know what I mean. Winter white, schminter whilte. A fierce white suit like Angelina Jolie wears is what they really mean.


All I'm saying is that you can pop Holly Robinson Peete on the top of that Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and be done with it and her.

Parker Posey has gone from being the hip, indie actress that everyone thought was cool to the newest Yenta on the Red Carpet. Two weeks in a row and counting.


Merry Whatever.

Perhaps The Grinch stole Sophia Bush's Christmas and left her with this monstrosity.



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