The Not Best Tressed List

I know, I know, everyone lives for Chloe. Come on, sp-hair me.

Q: What is hair?
A: Hair is probably the most complicated issue of our time. Perhaps second to universal health care…but an issue of the highest, most unprecedented order. Oh, yeah, and then there’s world peace. On second thought, hair is the number one issue for mankind and those other colossal issues follow suit. How can I say that? Well, admit it. You spend more time thinking about your hair than Obama’s heath care plan OR the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Therefore…hair wins…horrendous as that sounds.

As a follow up to IMW’s popular The Not Best Dressed List, comes its sister award, The Not Best Tressed List. Each week we will round up our worst tressed notables as an ongoing feature. Kind of like Follicle Police, as it were.

Kiki Dunst looks like her grandmother in this 'do. But congrats on winning the Best Actress in Cannes.

Jennifer Lawrence and her editorial hair.

Ke$sha's rat's nest is in need of a raking.

Q. What is that thing on Alison Brie's head? A. No, it is not an updo.

Lauren Alaina's mop is a little rat's nesty. I predict that Scotty McCreery is going to be the next American idol.

Tilda Swinton sporting the Little Rascals bowl cut, which, in hind sight, barely worked on The Beatles.

The Beatles, Justin Bieber, Tilda Swinton, fotz.

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