RIP: The Quirky Man-Hat, Thank You, COVID-19

May 3, 2009Fashion
The Quirky Man Die. Thank You, COVID-19

The Quirky Man-Hat is toast. Thank You, COVID-19

It’s the end of the Quirky Man-Hat!


Last night I went to a party on the rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel called Spring Something, hosted by uber-hair stylist to the stars, Harry Josh. It was quite the to-do with a veritable Who’s Who of the fashion industry…a.k.a. a cluster fuck of fabulosity. My friend Carrie and I arrived noticing we were the shortest people there and she said, “I sure hope Gary Coleman comes to this thing.” We noticed a pint-sized hipster and breathed a sigh of relief. Giselle, Rachel Zoe, Kate Bosworth, January Jones, not to name drop, but now you get the gist of the crowd. A group of us were chatting when Tom Brady entered (Giselle, remember her?) wearing the lamest ‘quirky man-hat”. Someone said that I should blog about that and my retort was, “I wouldn’t waste my time”. Like I have better things to write about? I couldn’t get that hat out of my head.

All morning I’ve been resisting but alas here it is. No photographers were allowed in the party, but you know the kind of hat I mean, right? It’s like a Mini-Me Fedora that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy. (See above). And what this made me realize is that the man hat just has to go away. When real men like Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart ruled the style roost, hats made them look sexy or cool. Today we have a bunch on “man-zies” who look silly, awkward or worse. If clothes makes the man, then the hat definitely fucks up the look. No matter what. Hats off fellas…literally.

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  1. Love it, but I wish this was easier to find. Took me like 32 mins to find on the schools website directory – otherwise, top notch!

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