Why Carine Roitfeld Resigned From French Vogue

Dec 20, 2010Fashion

All smiles and out of Dodge.

There is much speculation as to why Carine Roitfeld resigned from French Vogue. I was at a holiday party last night where a tony crowd of fashionistas were a buzz about why, who, what, when. etc. Naturally, I, being Polyanna think that the reason is because Carine is so fierce. Surely if I was that fierce I would resign from whatever I was doing and just be. No, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jonathan Newhouse was beginning to make her cow-tow to advertisers. Especially the American companies  that are opening flagship stores in Paris…which means…start sucking up, honey. Look, that is how it works in the United States. When I hear “church and state, advertising and editorial”…pshaw…that is total and utter nonsense. If you don’t think Anna Wintour has to endure plenty of meetings where those lines are grayed…think again.

Anyhoo, the theory I heard last night was that because of Carine’s freelance lifestyle that she maintained during her tenure at French Vogue, there was a snafu regarding Max Mara and Balenciaga. Apparently, she was a consultant to Max Mara, and as the editor of French Vogue was naturally sitting front row at Balenciaga. Well, sure enough, there was an accusation that Max Mara knocked something off from that Balenciaga show. Now if that isn’t the dish of the century…what is? No matter what, I am going with my original theory. That life is short and to be a Roitfeld these days is pretty sweet. And who doesn’t want to have her on retainer related to anything fashion. So why hang around and be obligated to feature a Tommy Hilfiger plaid skirt if you don’t have to.

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