More Bla Bla on "sheen"

Greetings from having internet again. Ugh, I was a wreck. In the midst of waiting for the Verizon man today, biting nails, cursing and screaming at the innocent tech support person on the phone who was located in Mexico, as it goes, I got a text from a friend who invited me to see Charlie Sheen at Radio City Music Hall. My assistant said, “You have to go!” Somewhere in my moment of insanity from the call to Mexico, I had enough clarity of mind to respond, “You didn’t actually buy those tickets, did you?” We bantered back and forth… Read More »

Like this comes as a surprise to anyone? Shame on those people to ran to buy tickets to listen to Charlie Sheen rant about nothing in the first place. Like he put together some kind of amazing show in one week? People were leaving in throngs and asking for their money back.  I do hope no one was refunded a dime because you get what you deserve. Seriously, who gives a flying cahoot about this nut bag?… Read More »

There are things that happen in life that I call God shots. This is when Mother Nature proves her strength and man is brought to his knees. It gives us pause to remember how fleeting life is and to value every moment and appreciate our time on Earth. This morning reading The Huffington Post, I was overwhelmed with sadness for the people of Japan affected by the earthquake. I lived through the Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles back in 1994, and was woken up by the monstrous sound of moving Earth coupled with the crashing of shattering glass. Sure, I… Read More »

I cannot stand Michele Bachmann. She is evil incarnate and crazier than Charlie Sheen.She is the answer to the prayer of crazy toothless zealots that scare the beJesus out of me. She threatens the very freedom that we have enjoyed for years because one thing the Tea Party represents, is a mindset from the 1700s, including a pro-slavery stance. Michele Bachmann was just on Meet The Press, why David Gregory would give that psycho-bitch airtime is beyond me.  Then again, with Christiane Amanpour being all sorts of globally fabulous, it proves that NBC has lost its footing with Gregory and… Read More »

Charlie Sheen, WINNING, Gross Baboon Of The Year

Charlie Sheen is the Grossest Baboon Of The Year…this or any other. UPDATE TO MY UPDATE: Have you seen any of the interviews with Charlie Sheen? His arrogance knows no bounds. He occasionally says funny things, but the joke ultimately is on us, because he gets to stay him, and we get to watch. However this drama ends regarding the CBS Show Two and a Half Men, he will go on to make more millions and prove his arrogance was the right way to be. Besides the cast and crew of TAAHM, who are the biggest losers here, I feel… Read More »

Let is be said that on March 4th, I wanted to reveal what lead up to Charlie Sheen’s erratic behavior last Christmas. My source told me all the salacious dish about their drug-induced, hyper-active sexcapades but asked me not to share it for fear of Les Moonvees. RadarOnline however, did a piece that eluded to what could have been the final piece of the puzzle that made all the sense in the world as to why Charlie would have beat the beJesus out of Brooke. Come on, didn’t that Christmas interlude between Charlie and Brooke seem a bit excessive? With… Read More »