In The Aftermath Of The Tsunami That Is Charlie Sheen

Mar 11, 2011Breaking Newzzz

The Double Disaster.

There are things that happen in life that I call God shots. This is when Mother Nature proves her strength and man is brought to his knees. It gives us pause to remember how fleeting life is and to value every moment and appreciate our time on Earth. This morning reading The Huffington Post, I was overwhelmed with sadness for the people of Japan affected by the earthquake. I lived through the Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles back in 1994, and was woken up by the monstrous sound of moving Earth coupled with the crashing of shattering glass. Sure, I had an emergency earthquake kit under my bed, but I grabbed my dog Daisy first and held her for dear life.

Looking at the images of the devastation, I thought back to the tsunami in Thailand, then took a deep breath. Then I saw a post about Charlie Sheen and became furious. Mad at myself for having watched and read as much as I had to this point about that basket case and his band of merry hookers. Guns, swords, blood, Twitter, endorsements, millions, these words swirled in my head and I just lost it. While innocent people are ripped away from their families and lives, we pay homage to creatures like Sheen who deserve to be locked up and kept away from society. We, instead, give him an endless streaming platform to showcase his vile nonsense. What is the difference between what Charlie Sheen and Charlie Manson spew? Their rants are really quite similar. Should we pipe in in prisons, too? Sorry, I just had to vent. The sad truth is that we will not learn from these God shots, rather, Charlie Sheen will continue to throw cash around at morons, rather than make a contribution to a relief fund. And we will watch and read all about it.

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