Charlie Sheen: Back To Work

Oct 27, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Charlie Sheen is scary looking.

Let is be said that on March 4th, I wanted to reveal what lead up to Charlie Sheen’s erratic behavior last Christmas. My source told me all the salacious dish about their drug-induced, hyper-active sexcapades but asked me not to share it for fear of Les Moonvees. RadarOnline however, did a piece that eluded to what could have been the final piece of the puzzle that made all the sense in the world as to why Charlie would have beat the beJesus out of Brooke. Come on, didn’t that Christmas interlude between Charlie and Brooke seem a bit excessive? With twin babies nestled in their beds, what could have possibly been going on downstairs that prompted Brooke to want to kick his ass and/or Charlie wanting to slit her throat? You would have to imagine that Mueller must have had something really juicy on him that could potentially ruin his career. And in Hollywood, that is motivation to kill.

RadarOnline eluded to multiple sex partners with bi-sexuality implications. Granted, who cares about who is sucking on whose whatever, but at the end of the day, it makes perfect sense that he would become so enraged had she threatened to go public with his dilly dalliances. My source told me about a piece of evidence that will blow (operative word here) this story wide open. He said that there is video showing explicit sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll with male and female hookers. Aaaaahhh, now, it all begins to make perfect sense. If Brooke had a video of Charlie Sheen having sex with a man, that would have prompted him to go for her throat on that fateful Christmas morning. If that video ever comes out, it could potentially impact the success of Two and A Half Men, the number one CBS show. And Lord knows, Les Moonves wants to protect his property at all costs.

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