Charlie Sheen, WINNING, Gross Baboon Of The Year

Charlie Sheen is the Grossest Baboon Of The Year…this or any other.

UPDATE TO MY UPDATE: Have you seen any of the interviews with Charlie Sheen? His arrogance knows no bounds. He occasionally says funny things, but the joke ultimately is on us, because he gets to stay him, and we get to watch. However this drama ends regarding the CBS Show Two and a Half Men, he will go on to make more millions and prove his arrogance was the right way to be. Besides the cast and crew of TAAHM, who are the biggest losers here, I feel bad for the people struggling to get sober, who now know that according to Charlie Sheen, Alcoholics Anonymous is for losers.

Did you see this video from Jimmy Fallon? Hilare.


UPDATE: Have you heard the radio interview with Charlie Sheen and the reason behind the cancellation of his canned laughter CBS comedy, Two and a Half Men? That recent PR flap proves why he had already won the Gross Baboon Of The Year Award. See below.

Who doesn’t love awards season? Award giving has become America’s newest pastime. Baseball is soo last century. Red Carpet arrivals have replaced the bull pen and gowns are more interesting than baseball jerseys. Anyhoo, in honor of the Oscars, I wanted to promote The 2nd Annual Gross Baboon of the Year Awards hosted by I Mean…What?!? In case you forgot, the award for the premiere season went to Hailey Gross Glassman. Surely you remember that sad desperado who followed Jon Gosselin around like a lost puppy dog. Anyway, as a reminder, she took the top spot over Loredana Jolie from Tiger Woods skank fame.

It has been quite a year. This year’s crop of nominees is more diverse since we are in a political year with Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, and my least favorite woman on Earth, Sarah Palin. Look’s like a woman’s year again, but let’s not forget that Carl Paladino and Charlie Sheen are on this list, too. Actually, reading about Charlie Sheen today and the $12,000 for two bottles of wine guzzled with his hooker, Capri Anderson (who will not be a nominee) made him scoot up the ladder. If I was Stan Rosenfield (Sheen’s PR flack) I would tout which charities his client donates to. This way, maybe we would not want to see this scummy low-life thrown in jail…rather than being gifted with another visit to rehab. Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are running neck and neck for the title of The Boy Who Cried Blow.

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  1. Walt Flanigan says:

    Charlie Sheen is funnier, more intelligent and deff'ly makes more sense than any of the goons making fun of him.

    Go back to your holes trolls. We will take it from here. Let us lead, for we know what is going on ;)

    Ron Paul. Rand Paul. 2 Parties. 1 Enemy. The Federal Reserve

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