People We Lerve

The couple that prays together, stays together.

One of the best quotes from Woody Allen is in the movie Annie Hall when he says, “Those who can’t do… teach, and those who can’t teach… teach gym.” Well, now that Snooki is officially pregnant and engaged, we learn a little more about the elusive Jionni La Valle, Snooki’s manz. LaValle is a wrestling coach for little kids  and that he wants to go to school to become a gym teacher. Two peas in a pod that seek their own level.… Read More »


OK, so you wake up at the crack of dawn to this site and tell me you want to write some pithy little commentary about a Republican or a Kardashian or anything that has nothing to do with waking up in a jungly beachfront situation. I’ll be in Tulum for the next 8 days with kind of internet access and the inability to text. Wishing all of you equal parts fabulousness in every moment of your lives. So until the Iowa primary…see ya in drips and drabs.… Read More »


httpv:// May your days be merry and bright.… Read More »

For the rest of us....

For those of you that do not remember, today is Festivus, the non-denominational holiday made famous by Seinfeld. So… Happy Vestivus for the rest of us. Be sure to stand by a solitary empty pole and pray for the airing of the grievances as well feats of strength. If you are feeling charitable, be sure to make a donation to The Human Fund, started by George Costanza. It is money for people, after all. Right, Sarah Anderson?… Read More »

War Horse... bring tissues.

Everyone’s Best and Worst of the Year lists are out and I am left scratching my head. The thing is: everyone is entitled to their opinion, so who gives one particular shit what one particular person is saying? I recently wrote about The New York Times reviewer Manohla Dargis who I never agree with. What makes her Best List any better than mine? I am equally opinionated and probably ten times funnier, which gives me a leg up on whose opinion should matter. Humor takes smarts, but I digress. The following films are on many Best Lists and my reasons… Read More »


It’s A Liberty Walk, Miley’s newest music video in support of Occupy Wall Street & Beyond is on YouTube. This is her way of supporting the troops on the ground (literally). Some people are trashing her for being part of the 1% and not joining the cause in the streets. Clearly those folks don’t have stalkers and have never been hounded by paparazzi.… Read More »

The Killing Floor video for the song "Star Baby" will be directed by Joel Schumacher starring Mallory June and The Killing Floor, naturally.

OK kids. Here’s the deal. My friends Marco Argiro and Chris Bunatta are in a band called The Killing Floor. They are producing their first video for the song Star Baby directed by Joel Schumacher. The Killing Floor has a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the balance of the funds needed for the production, set to shoot December 9. They don’t need that much more dough. Please watch the Kickstarter promo below and join me in helping this upstart band have their day in the sun. I am pledging $75 because I want the T-shirt. (It better be good Marco.) Seriously,… Read More »

carrie-fisher, abe-gurko, star -wars, star-trek

William Shatner has started a viral war between Star Wars versus Star Trek. Here is the rebuttal from Princess Leia a.k.a. Carrie Fisher.… Read More »

I love this girl.

Rather than blather on about Cyber Monday, we prefer to pay homage to Emma Sullivan, my favorite new person of the week, one of the people we lerve, whatever you want to crown her, but crown her we do. Why I Love Emma Sullivan: Emma Sullivan, 18, a Kansas teenager who wrote a disparaging Tweet about Gov. Sam Brownback said that she is rejecting her high school principal’s demand for a written apology. Emma of Fairway said she is not sorry and does not think such a letter would be sincere. After disagreeing with what the Governor was spewing, Emma… Read More »


Gabrielle Giffords is everything.… Read More »