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Kernels of Dish (Sunday)

And finally, watch this touching Gorillas in the Mist-like tidbit from deep in the jungles of Africa. Sob central… httpv://… Read More »

Of the many newly established “holidays”, Earth Day is the little holiday that could. Yes, it has accomplished tons of global awareness since 1970, when it started, as a way to instill fear that the end of the world is nigh. Since then, the Earth Global Network successfully promotes the consciousness that we must all do our part to save the world. And hopefully meet Leonardo DiCaprio in the process. However, the term “Green” has become so overused, it’s almost passe. Even Vanity Fair has stopped doing their “green issue”, currently featuring Giselle Bunchen on the cover, Miss Green herself…as… Read More »

This is the Holy Trinity of holiday times with Passover and Easter melding together like one long reason not to work too hard. I have been wondering when the Easter equivalent of Kwanzaa was going to appear, seeing that “holiday” popped up out of nowhere several years ago. And now with Barak Obama as president, well this new (old) holiday is bound to appear. Maybe then we can declare some kind of official bank holiday in honor of the three ancient religions. And if ever there was a time to give bankers a break…this would be it.… Read More »