Are You Religulous? I Sure Am.

Apr 11, 2009Breaking Newzzz
The Three Wise Men Ask...Is Adam Lambert Gay?

The Three Wise Men Ask...Is Adam Lambert Gay?

This is the Holy Trinity of holiday times with Passover and Easter melding together like one long reason not to work too hard. I have been wondering when the Easter equivalent of Kwanzaa was going to appear, seeing that “holiday” popped up out of nowhere several years ago. And now with Barak Obama as president, well this new (old) holiday is bound to appear. Maybe then we can declare some kind of official bank holiday in honor of the three ancient religions. And if ever there was a time to give bankers a break…this would be it.

I was very religulous this week when my one sister and I showed up to our other sister’s house for the Seder, only to find out they were going to do the long version of the ceremony, then excused ourselves after the cocktail portion of the evening and went to see “I Love You, Man” then returned in time for Dayanu and desert. The best of both worlds. I think it’s cute that Obamas went to a Seder this week. Now they know firsthand the history of the Jewish slaves, such trend-setters we are. As they sat down to the dinner ritual, I bet the traditional Four Questions were not quite the same as at my sister’s house.

  1. Is Adam Lambert Gay?
  2. Is our economy going to survive?
  3. Who is Michelle’s stylist?
  4. Who else are you going to fire?
Move over Easter come the church hats.

Move over Easter come the Church Hats.

Reflecting on this religulous weekend, I learned about the “Vigorously expansionary religious movement, a homegrown Pentecostal denomination that is crusading to become a global faithcoming out of Africa”. I was reading in The New York Times about the Nigerian Pastor Daniel Ajayi-Adeniran, who is developing a massive following and whose “rate of growth,” Ajayi-Adeniran says, “is becoming exponential.” While the population of European churchgoers dwindle and remains fairly static in the U.S. (now that Bush is gone, that will dwindle too), the increase in attendance erupts in the “global south”. This is where I came up with my Kwanzaa / Easter thing. Hey, I have no problem with adding a new holiday to our calendar, I am sure I speak for all bankers when I say, “Bring it on!”

Actually, I can’t wait to see the parade of Church Hats that will show these Easter bunnies on Fifth Avenue a thing or two.

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