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Please visit Milk Gallery while the Rankin Live exhibit is going on. All this week, world-renowned photographer Rankin is shooting portraits of people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I am all of the above. Needless to say, any excuse to see pretty pictures should be reason enough to get over there. The best part is that Rankin Live is a global initiative, which I learned on CBS Sunday Morning (my favorite television show), to benefit Oxfam. The shoot was so much fun. I arrived to a slew of familiar faces, which is always comforting, especially when you are not… Read More »

This is my meager attempt to thank God it’s Friday. Though I have sworn years ago to never actually say, “Thank God it’s Friday” because it makes me feel as though I have been reduced to thanking God it’s Friday. It makes sense to me. Anyhoo…I am thanking God it’s Friday by introducing you to Alfie…my new Chihuahua. He will be Woodstock’s new BFF….ultimately. Have a great weekend.… Read More »