Rankin Live At Milk Gallery

Jun 1, 2011Fashion

Milk Made is playing host to Rankin Live. He is an amazing photographer, mostly because he made me look good and Alfie like Janet Jackson for Blackglama.

Please visit Milk Gallery while the Rankin Live exhibit is going on. All this week, world-renowned photographer Rankin is shooting portraits of people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I am all of the above. Needless to say, any excuse to see pretty pictures should be reason enough to get over there. The best part is that Rankin Live is a global initiative, which I learned on CBS Sunday Morning (my favorite television show), to benefit Oxfam.

The shoot was so much fun. I arrived to a slew of familiar faces, which is always comforting, especially when you are not the hot, new ingenue on set. Before me was a beautiful woman being photographed with her three week old baby and after me was a handsome, young actor type. Hanging on the walls were pictures of beauties, famous faces, starlets and soon realized then that I needed a good prop and quick. Johnna Escobedo to the rescue. Whereas Johnna is no Rachel Zoe, however, she did fly over to the gallery with my dog Alfie in tow, which turned out to be the best accessory ever. Rankin liked Alfie so much, he posed for his own shot with him as well. I may not be a star, but I sure know how to savor a moment.

Alfie brought out the supermodel in Rankin.

SPECIAL NOTE: The entire Rankin Team coupled with the best and brightest at Milk Made were the coolest part of the process. When a creative endeavor of this magnitude comes together with such professionalism and joy, well, two thumbs up to Mazdack Rassi, for being at the center all this exciting pool of talent. Click on Milk Made to see some images from Rankin Live.

Alfie is only four pounds and Rankin made him look like a big, tough street dog. Amazing what great lighting can do.

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