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This week’s Not Best Tressed List is filled with an assortment of people, several of whom should know better. Now, I get that we can not all be perfect, however if you are going to a major event complete with red carpet, own a mirror, and have a gay, you should not wind up on my list. It is a simple as that. Anyone on my team is available for last looks before you step into the limo to avoid being put on The Not Best Tressed List. Follow us on Twitter or Like Us on Facebook.… Read More »

Last month I did a piece called the Nobody News, which is about a bunch of nobodies…that seem to be somebody…to a bunch of nobodies. If you do not know what I just said, it pretty much sums up our current media fascination with plucked-out-of-obscurity “notables”. That and a couple of “celebrities” thrown into the mix, a.k.a. people I couldn’t care less about. However, do I stand alone? Looking at today’s news reports, it was clear that the Nobody News was aching for a comeback. With that, I give you this.… Read More »

Ok. Who’s gonna bitch slap those Somali pirates? I mean…who do they think they are playing with? And if it is not going to be Barak Obama, not that he doesn’t have good reason, since all our troops are in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Border of Mexico  and looming large over North Korea, then who? ‘Cause, girl? They are really pissing me off. Case in point: In the 1970’s, I was bussed to a really, really dangerous high school, and these Somali pirates remind me of the kids who bullied me and my friends. When I had finally had enough, I… Read More »