The Not Best Tressed List

Jun 6, 2011Fashion

This week’s Not Best Tressed List is filled with an assortment of people, several of whom should know better. Now, I get that we can not all be perfect, however if you are going to a major event complete with red carpet, own a mirror, and have a gay, you should not wind up on my list. It is a simple as that. Anyone on my team is available for last looks before you step into the limo to avoid being put on The Not Best Tressed List.

I love an up-do with the rest of them, but not at the risk of looking like a grandma. These up-dos are so matronly that I just can't even.

I am an Andrej Pejic fan, but with this hair, he/she should be shot. And I don't mean photographed.

I mean...for Dolly Parton to be the inspiration for Andrej's look...Eek.

I thought Amanda Bynes was retiring from the business. I could have sworn she put out that press release. What's with one big, long banana curl? And if one more starlet wears that Herve Leger dress. Max Azria can produce the film, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Hoochie Mama Dress.

Where does Ashley Bell think she is, Cannes? It's the friggen MTV Movie Awards. Clearly does not own a gay.

Speaking of which, Christian Siriano is the Goldie Hawn of fashion. They never change their look.

Judge Reinhold at the Spike Guy's Choice Awards. Talk about making a choice. What's with 1930's pin curls.

What brand of shoe polish did JC Chasez use to cover his grays?

Doesn't Shaun Robinson watch Beverly Hills Fabulous? She needs to 'Get Elgonized'. That hairline needs some hedge-clippers.

I just can't deal with this overall look. Y'all know I am over the one shoulder thing. She is the newest star of Teen Wolf. Someone tell her to start trolling The Abbey for a gay.

Lauren Conrad's rats nest on her head coupled with bad make up makes her looks 40.

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