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I have not talked about politics for quite a while. And there have been moments of absolute horror while reading the Huffington Post about the goings on in Washington, DC. Much of what was happening within our democracy over the past year had me dumbfounded. I began to loose faith…I closed my eyes…I turned the other cheek. When I became horrified…correction, mortified at some of the libelous and slanderous things that the nay-sayers…correction, Tea Partyers were saying, did I voice my concern? No. I am guilty as charged for frolicking through the fabulostiy of fashion and calibrating the crunk of… Read More »

Here we have another edition of Last Five Minutes of Fame. This is an odd week because some of the people on this list are the current obsession of the media. Maybe it is wishful thinking. But I am testing my witching powers to see if by virtue of putting them on the list, if that has an impact on what we will see in the press going forward. Which is such a sad state of media affairs. I heard that Access Hollywood told a publicist that they only way they will cover an event if Jon Gosselin attends. Like… Read More »

It was inevitable. Susan Boyle was not going to stay looking like Dick Cheyney’s frazzled, long-lost, twin sister forever. Not with people pulling her from all sides. Yesterday, her new “look” was revealed and I am not convinced that it’s all that fabulous. I am a huge fan from the get-go. But when I first blogged about it I said, “not too much tinkering just yet”. Sure, a brush to the hair and some cream rinse was a must, and a subtle touch of eyebrow tweezing. But that’s it. Now with managers and agents and money-grubbing mother fuckers hoisting themsevles… Read More »

There’s so much hub-bub about torture in the news these days. I’ve looked at the evidence, listened to the pundits and dickheads (Dick Cheney, who else?) and have decided that water boarding and all the other methods wouldn’t compare to what I have concocted as a far more effective and painless way to scare the bejesus out of any terrorist and get them talking.… Read More »

YOU DECIDE, WHAT’S THE MOST APROPOS IMAGE? I really try not to include Republicans in my daily entries on I Mean…What?!? But they sure make it hard to avoid with their endless reactionary grandstanding and annoying comments. Hopefully, they will continue to dwindle, then poof…disappear. I speak today of The Dick Cheney and the backlash against the handshake between Barak Obama and Hugo Chavez. Seems that The Dick, a.k.a. Darth Vader or rather, The Emperor (as per George Lucas), is all up in a kerfuffle about the handshake from last weekend. “The president needs to distinguish between good [guys] and… Read More »