We Interrupt This (Democratic) Program

I have not talked about politics for quite a while. And there have been moments of absolute horror while reading the Huffington Post about the goings on in Washington, DC. Much of what was happening within our democracy over the past year had me dumbfounded. I began to loose faith…I closed my eyes…I turned the other cheek. When I became horrified…correction, mortified at some of the libelous and slanderous things that the nay-sayers…correction, Tea Partyers were saying, did I voice my concern? No. I am guilty as charged for frolicking through the fabulostiy of fashion and calibrating the crunk of celebrity instead of standing up for truth, justice and the (real) American way. Shame on me. Shame on the boy who rose from the 7th grade ashes to lead his entire grade school out of the classrooms and into the streets on that beautiful, fall day in solidarity with the March on Washington, the Vietnam Peace Moratorium. What happened to me? Where was my spine? Was it swathed in hyperbole and blather? Don’t answer that.

The whole kit and kaboodle...outta heeya.

But I am back and today it’s all about how the Republican Political Party must go. And when I say go, I do not mean in a Pass Go and Collect $200, kind of way. Not by a long shot. I mean they must go, as in, places that I can not share with you because I am a gentleman from good breeding-ish. Now that we have a landmark victory for the White House with Obama’s Health Care, and hearing more of this venomous spewing from Republicans, and death threats…well…this must stop and they must go. Now that I am awake, I am getting annoyed…really annoyed. I am getting Vietnam War annoyed. I am getting annoyed enough for all the rest of my fellow Americans who, too, have stuck their heads in the sand, or in the velvet, and need to come up for air and join me. Where is the youth culture now that they have an opportunity for health care until they are the 26 years old? Keggers? Facebook? Yoo Hoo. This was and still is all about you. We cannot sit back and allow for this anger, mongering and festering to continue. Something has to change…or something is going to happen. And it will not be pretty. So they must all go. Sarah Palin must go. Her publicist daughter, Bristol Palin, must go. And they can pack up the rest of their Northern Lights, hillbilly family while they are at it and just get out of Dodge. Calling Katie Couric….your services are greatly needed…again. And while we are getting rid of loose-lipped, open-handed loudmouths, Liz Cheney must go…and your little (old) dog, too. “You have no power here. Begone, before somebody drops a House of Representatives on you, too!”

The Cheney's are giving bit of Heil Hilter.

2 responses to “We Interrupt This (Democratic) Program”

  1. SophiaFreeman says:

    So are you going to clean up your aisles first?

    Many of your moderate pals are getting sick of the kooks in your own party.

  2. […] her tits. (After this piece I will never  mention her again…ish.) In doing my research on Sarah Palin‘s breast, I pulled out this vintage Palin video and my take away is that has the same breasts […]

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