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It has been a while since I have commented on The New York Times Style Section. Seemed like someone was listening and there were actual fashion related stories running in the bi-weekly Style Section…ya’d think. But today, the lead story in the Sunday Style is all about Jenny Sanford. Now, she is a lovely woman and I thoroughly sympathize with this woman. No one should be publicly scrutinized for being cheated on by their spouse. It is a shame that the public is so consumed with human foibles. Alas, we are. But of all the humans to be focused on…especially… Read More »

Who says that I Mean…What?!? wouldn’t lead to major things? Actually, several great opportunities have come my way, mostly writing gigs, which has officially become my mid-life career. Hey it’s sure beats the mid-life crisis…trust me. One of the gigs is writing articles for a just-launched website catering to the newly divorced set called Divorce Candy. Though not newly divorced, rather, I was in an eleven-year relationship that ended about three or so years ago, rendering me a good enough candidate to speak on the topics at hand. Since I am as opinionated as hell in matters of style and… Read More »