The Gay Divorcee

Jan 22, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Move over Dr. Phil, the Gay Divorcee is here.

Who says that I Mean…What?!? wouldn’t lead to major things? Actually, several great opportunities have come my way, mostly writing gigs, which has officially become my mid-life career. Hey it’s sure beats the mid-life crisis…trust me. One of the gigs is writing articles for a just-launched website catering to the newly divorced set called Divorce Candy. Though not newly divorced, rather, I was in an eleven-year relationship that ended about three or so years ago, rendering me a good enough candidate to speak on the topics at hand. Since I am as opinionated as hell in matters of style and overall grace, they have made me as the Go-To Guy for Updating Your Wardrobe and Revamping Your Image, which I did after my relationship ended. You have to do something that is ALL ABOUT ME when you get on the other side of the usually long, painful process of ending a relationship. If you have been there, then you know how horrendous the last days or months or years can be, as it lags on and on and you don’t have the strength to be the best you can be. Instead, you languish is a dark place and lose track of time. The good news, is finally waking up in a new reality, where I suggest to the Divorce Candy readers to strip off all your clothes, look in the mirror an say, “What the fuck was that?”

The people who started this website have great intentions: to start a community of desperadoes people that are going though a trying time and giving them options and activities (beyond J-Date and or even new tools to live by. When they found me, I said, “Yes, I’d love to do it, though I will refer to myself as The Gay Divorcee“, having nothing to do with the movie, besides the appropriate title.

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  1. ericka says:

    awesome! although I am not recently divorced, a chapter of my life has closed, and while I search for the window that everyone tells me has been opened, a lot of the advice there hits home for me. :)

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