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Last night’s Costume Institute Gala was the New York City version of the Oscar Red Carpet. As Joan Rivers will surely attest this Friday night on Fashion Police, there were hits and plenty of misses. Before I share my best and worst list, I must give a shout out to Stella McCartney. This really was her night. Sure, Sarah Burton was the star of the night politically, but in terms of which designer had the best showing on the glamor-pusses? It was Stella by a mile because she dressed some of the major players of the evening.… Read More »

Last night, I went to Peggy Siegal’s screening of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, which fortunately was one block from my home in West Chelsea (such a curmudgeon lately). I am curious to see how this movie will be reviewed, because it will take a certain kind of person to not let the over-the-top crazy/funny performance by Nicholas Cage get in the way of the stick up their ass. You have to sit back, relax and see the funny. Once you do that it’s a great ride. Werner Herzog did a very interesting directing job. Granted a tad… Read More »

Once again, Paris Hilton is in the…and my headlines for being her…a.k.a. annoying. Last week Paris and a chimpanzee hosted a party at the Bowlmoor Lanes. And Doug Reinhardt too. Proving, that if Paris can do it…so can a chimpanzee. Now, the news on the lovely Miss Hilton is that she is coming back to New York to work on a film. Well, it’s a one day shoot, and a cameo at that. Question: If you are playing yourself, is that considered work? I’d like to call it work-ish. The dish is that she handed in a three-page rider demanding… Read More »