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Adelson, Rove & Koch, boil boil toil and trouble.

Sheldon Adelson, Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers are the new face of evil. Look into those pusses, long and hard and be very afraid. These Gross Baboons make the three witches in Macbeth seem like pussy cats. The Evil Empire Super Pac are bonding together to plan the demise of Barack Obama. Except that there is one major thing that these disgusting, sickening, vomitous creatures are forgetting. That Good ALWAYS triumphs over Evil. And with Karl Rove’s finger in the socket, that trinella is going to self-implode like I am sitting here. Mark my words or better yet, read… Read More »

I simply must get political with you for one minute. Sure, Obama’s in (yay) and Republicans are dwindling like ad revenues from glossy magazines (boo), but something extremely odd happened yesterday in the state of New York and I am not sure what to do about this. For sure I need to share my histrionics. In a horrendous twist of fate, two Senate Democrats in New York state have crossed the aisle to become (shudder at the thought) REPUBLICANS! This is as bad, worse, than Darth Vader crossing over to the Dark Side. This is like the Evil Empire Strikes… Read More »