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Is the world bored? Whoever is interested in how Naomi Campbell treats her staff, please raise your hand. And with your raised hand, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why do I care whether Naomi Campbell whooped her limo driver or not?” And that the New York City police are looking for her is beyond me? Exactly how many cops have been assigned to this case? Or better yet, is this a job for Super-Cuomo? Now that Andrew Cuomo is investigating the alleged physical abuse case involving David Johnson, Governor Paterson’s crony, and Sherr-una Booker, why not add this… Read More »

So, now I have heard everything…but this ditty takes the cake. My inside source in Albany said that New York Governor David Paterson is embroiled in a controversy that will make you chapp dein kop (hold your head in Yiddish). The New York Times is working on the story, which is said to break momentarily. Apparently, the apple didn’t fall far from the Elliot Spitzer tree and there is a rumor that the Governor used public funds to cop drugs (blow) and hookers (blow). Can you stand it? Blow squared? I would like to think this is not true…but since… Read More »