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Perez Hilton needs to stop trashing Clay Aiken’s child. Sure, Clay Aiken has been plenty annoying since he did not win American Idol. The phenomenon of A.I. has created several out-of-the-blue superstars…and I use that term VERY loosely here. Whether Clay should continue to be fodder for Perez is one thing (even though he is on the cusp of being a has-been). But his kid…is another. Referring to “Clay Gayken and His Gayby” goes completely against Perez’s whole stance on gay rights. Problem for Perez is, he has overexposed himself through this Miss California/Miss USA scandal trying to be the… Read More »

Some days it’s hard to focus on one specific issue that gives me my I Mean…What?!? Some days it’s a virtual smorgasbord of little nibbly bits makes up the sum of all parts. That’s the beauty of this process. There are no rules. As long as there is life on Earth, I will find those things that range from shockingly wrong to thoroughly annoying. For today, these kernels are stuck in my craw. I’d love to know what is stuck in yours. Do tell, leave a comment.… Read More »

Poor Larry Summers. He has to attend endless meetings about the economy with bankers (zzzz) discussing the minutia of selling off bad debt to companies with bad debt. But, darling, wake up and smell the coffee. Literally. This photo taken yesterday (below, top left) shows just how compelling the arguments are to turn our economy around. Yowza, this is Obama’s main man? He’s our Director of National Economic Council?  Yikes. This is the guy who said women have lesser aptitude for work in the highest levels of math and science. Ladies, you can bitch slap him from here to kingdom… Read More »