Stop Being A Hypocrite Perez Hilton

May 16, 2009Breaking Newzzz

Perez Hilton needs to stop trashing Clay Aiken’s child. Sure, Clay Aiken has been plenty annoying since he did not win American Idol. The phenomenon of A.I. has created several out-of-the-blue superstars…and I use that term VERY loosely here. Whether Clay should continue to be fodder for Perez is one thing (even though he is on the cusp of being a has-been). But his kid…is another. Referring to “Clay Gayken and His Gayby” goes completely against Perez’s whole stance on gay rights. Problem for Perez is, he has overexposed himself through this Miss California/Miss USA scandal trying to be the voice of the gay rights issue. “Girl (and I DON’T use that term loosely here), if you wants to propel yourself into the pop culture vernacular as the spokes-model for gay rights…which frankly….YIKES…as opposed to being just another silly queen, then leave the children being cared for by gays out of your daily viral-vomitorium.” Perez simply can not have it both ways and is being a hypocrite.

I was a fan of Perez Hilton but now that he’s thrust himself into the national conversation about gay rights and bla-bla, mostly for self-serving reasons, then he should serve the community with honor and dignity. And goofing on babies that have a gay parent is no way to accomplish that. So, here are your choices Mary: stay true to who you are by drawing penises on Lindsay Lohan, cum droplets on Kim Kardashian, arrows pointing at exposed vajay-jays, armpit hair and excess blubber or shut the fuck up.  Either use your position to communicate with the masses in a more thoughtful way and participate in the sea change or leave the issues to people who will effectively make a difference.

My recommendation is: accept your position as an internet media-whore-turned celebrity and we will gladly not watch you on season two of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

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3 Responses to “Stop Being A Hypocrite Perez Hilton”

  1. Benjamin Mathews says:

    HERE, HERE!! THANK YOU for finally saying what many of us have been thinking for years. (Altho you briefly lost me when you admitted to formerly being a fan of Pigez.) Everyone who knows anything about this creep knows that his primary reason for living is to hobnob with celebs & hopefully become a peer. Look up "WANNABE", you get one of your lovely pics of the goon. If a star kisses his ample butt, he leaves them alone. If a star speaks out against his vulgar antics or (horrors!) ignores him, he goes after them with a vengence. He has been relentless against Aiken for years even tho he's never met the singer & Aiken has certainly done nothing personally to him. (In fact, Aiken just last week spoke up FOR Perez in the Miss Cali debate because that's just the kind of turn-the-other-cheek guy Aiken is.) Pukez boasts that he hounded Aiken into coming out (wow, how proud the gossip slug's mommy must be) & now continues his attacks to include an innocent child. This is not the first time he's ridiculed children, whether the offspring of artists or young stars themselves. Minor children are frequent targets of his filth. Whatever you think of Aiken coming out when he & his family were ready for it (which is as it should be), you can't deny that he is the most visible single gay dad in Hollywood. If gays are ever going to get equal rights under the law to marry &/or adopt, berating those with the courage to face conservative America & say, "This is my family & we deserve respect" is NOT the way to go about it.

  2. Jenna says:

    "But his kid…is another. Referring to “Clay Gayken and His Gayby” goes completely against Perez’s whole stance on gay rights."

    What gay rights? Perez is about promoting Perez, never mind stomping on the rights of others in the process.

    When will his stupid followers understand how much this asshole is hurting the gay rights cause? Ever heard that expression about catching more flies with honey?

  3. Eli says:

    What a clown! I suggest that if he wishes to take initiative and represent the gay community that he take a few classes, say at community college or so fourth and learn how to be a little more articulate and learn how to formulate a concise, well thought out argument; especially if you're going to go on Larry King! His whole approach has been in my opinion amateurish and tactless. In terms of his comments towards Clay Aiken, it's typical queen trying to break down another queen. We need to learn how to respect each other in the gay community especially if we're seeking it from heteronormative society– I mean, aren't we jumping the gun a little bit?

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