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From the Ashes of Iceland…Meet Kolfinna

My friend, photographer Joseph Henry Ritter has been living in an artist residency in Iceland for the past few months taking pictures. We met when I was in Iceland for Steinunn‘s retrospective at the Reykjavik Art Museum (see video below directed by Ramon J. Goni). Naturally, Joseph is all up in that volcano these days shooting, but besides that he is an aspiring fashion photographer. His latest discovery, besides the volcanic ash, is Kolfinna, a beautiful 14 year-old girl that he met at an ice cream store, where she works part-time. This Icelandic stunner, according to Joseph,  is very down-to-Earth… Read More »

Page Six reports about the proposed competition for The View from CBS-TV, you know, that network for old people, starring the lamest choices this side of the falling ashes of Iceland. Get this: Lisa Rinna – She can always lead the plastic surgery topics. Julie Chen – Nepotism…much? Bethenny Frankel – Yikes…like we need to see her on yet another network? Sara Gilbert – Yes, she was dry and funny on Roseanne, but that was 2,000 years ago. Where do I begin? First of all, all four of those don’t add up to one of Joy Behar’s shoes. And while… Read More »

Just read the unfair article in Vanity Fair by the seeming fey Michael Lewis and wonder, “What the fuck was up her skirt?” I was just in Reykjavik this weekend and had a lovely time. The Iceland Design Center hosted a 3-day series of events call DesignMarch. It’s all about design…in March…get it? You march around town…and…see design. Anyhoo, there was a group of fantastic international design writers, editors and me invited by the government to explore their burgeoning creative industries ready to be discovered or rather, ready for their close-ups, me being Mr. DeMille. While is Iceland, I was… Read More »

At the airport, destination: Reykjavik, Iceland for the weekend. So, this two-hour check in rule is a crock of shit. Implemented since 9 – 11, it was communicated to us that the extra time was in our best interests as safety regulations were being implemented. Thank you George Bush and Dick Cheyney for your  new, improved homeland security detail. Now, here I sit, years later, waiting the hour and a half left before my flight takes off. I realize that all this fear mongering that surrounds airport check-in is part of a Bushian master plan. First you are greeeted by… Read More »