Literally…No View

The View girls rule. And the lame attempt by CBS has sad written all over it.

Page Six reports about the proposed competition for The View from CBS-TV, you know, that network for old people, starring the lamest choices this side of the falling ashes of Iceland. Get this:

Lisa Rinna – She can always lead the plastic surgery topics.
Julie Chen – Nepotism…much?
Bethenny Frankel – Yikes…like we need to see her on yet another network?
Sara Gilbert – Yes, she was dry and funny on Roseanne, but that was 2,000 years ago.

Where do I begin? First of all, all four of those don’t add up to one of Joy Behar’s shoes. And while I am at it, where is their token black person? Who can hold a candle to Whoopi Goldberg. Who else has that gravitas? Niecy Nash? Fotz? Alfre Woodward, maybe. But she would never sit amongst that crowd, so forget her. Loretta Divine? Eh, OK, but she ain’t no Whoopi. Seems like they couldn’t find a viable black woman, so, let’s just stick to the quasi interesting choices already in place. My point here is why not just come up with a new show that does not resemble The View. What made The View groundbreaking was the new format. Is CBS that devoid of an original thought? Clearly or else they wouldn’t have Accidentally On Purpose or Gary Unmarried on the air. Why not just come up with a fresh, new approach to the talk format? Like 2 men and 2 women (not to be confused with Two and a Half Men). And might I suggest not casting 2 women and their 2 gay best friends, because there is nothing more horrendous than making gay men the thing that is supposed to bring on the comic relief. Truly, there is nothing un-funnier than a silly queen.

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  1. audrey nizen says:

    anything and anyone is better than that elizabeth….she's a moron

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