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Tony Curtis and Eddie Fisher passed last week. Having experienced the passing-on of both my parents, I wanted to take this moment from commenting on Paris Fashion Week and acknowledge Carrie Fisher and Jamie Lee Curtis‘s sad losses. Those two have so much in common: Raised by America’s Sweethearts, 1950’s iconic Hollywood couples Divorce and scandal Both in recovery Have good careers on their own right Whatever the circumstances, no matter how unavailable our fathers were growing up (I have then in common with them, too), we are never prepared for our parents dying. It is not in our DNA.… Read More »

The headlines in the newspapers these days are scarier than the first edition of Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis. With the kooks around the country coming out in droves to air their crazy anti-Obama madness, I’m almost afraid to leave my house for fear of some right-wing zealot on the attack with a loaded gun. And New Yorkers, listen up. Don’t think just because you are in New York City that you are any safer from that crowd. Once Rudy Giuliani turned this city into Disneyland and all the horrendous corporate types came swarming in, plenty of conservative kooks must… Read More »