Looking For A Safe Haven

Aug 21, 2009Breaking Newzzz
I know exactly how Jamie Lee Curtis felt in Halloween. Nuts a'plenty chasing us all.

I know exactly how Jamie Lee Curtis felt in Halloween. Nuts a'plenty chasing us.

The headlines in the newspapers these days are scarier than the first edition of Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis. With the kooks around the country coming out in droves to air their crazy anti-Obama madness, I’m almost afraid to leave my house for fear of some right-wing zealot on the attack with a loaded gun. And New Yorkers, listen up. Don’t think just because you are in New York City that you are any safer from that crowd. Once Rudy Giuliani turned this city into Disneyland and all the horrendous corporate types came swarming in, plenty of conservative kooks must have trickled in too. How do I know? Well, there’s an Applebee’s and an Olive Garden here now. Duh!

In other headlines, there is drama in the health care industry and even more drama in the automotive industry…clunkers are the big story? How did that happen? Why are there clunkers to begin with? I am an avid bike rider, so I am not up on car nonsense, but a clunker sounds worse than a lemon. And if by virtue of guzzling gas, it is labeled as a clunker…then are you telling me P.Diddy drives a clunker? So un-chic. I’ll take my carbon footprint over some clunker-driving zealot any day. According to The New York Times the rich are no longer getting richer, Facebook has been infiltrated by right-wing zealot Sarah Palin and Starbucks is raising its prices. Is there no place safe left to go?

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