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Help Mike Pence "Make America Straight Again"

I mean…I’m gay and don’t spend as much time as Mike Pence does thinking about other gay people’s sex lives. So what’s crawled up his ass…literally and figuratively?… Read More »

Rape Statistics are down but the talk is up.

Rape Statistics may be down in the United States but rape talk is up and I do not believe one has anything to do with the other. Surely the reported 4% decrease in forcible rape by the FBI does not excuse the flippant positions of rape taken by these “retarded”–to quote a well placed Republican asshole–Republicans running for Senate and Congressional seats this season. We are talking about an abhorrent violent act and have a hard time thinking about it, no less talking about it. Let alone bringing the term “God willing” into the subject, and let even more alone… Read More »

There's an award for everything. Why not for Gross Baboon?

Gross Baboon of the Year Award kicks off awards season here at I Mean What. Hey, look, the Razzies started somewhere and surely not in a ballroom. … Read More »

If this photo doesn't remind you of Jerry Sandusky, what does?

Wanna see the world’s Youngest Gross Baboon? Here is teen radio host, Caiden Cowger with West Virginia GOP Senate candidate John Raese, who reminds me of pedophile, Jerry Sandusky. This little closet-case has been spewing anti-gay nonsense on his radio show accusing Barack Obama and Joe Biden of making kids gay. “Like 30 of them in my school alone.” No Caden. We, and you, are born gay. We just have to come to terms with it, not blame it on the President of the United States. Perhaps you might interview your parents on the show to give us some insight… Read More »

Admitted ugly douche-bag is boo-hooing over spilled milk...or scotch.

All this grotesque chatter about the Penn State crimes seem to prove that there are more douche bags in this world than I originally thought. And believe me, I thought there were plenty of douche bags up until now. But no one is douche baggier than the guy who thought that not doing anything was the right thing to do. Mike McQueary went running waaa waaa waaa all the way home to his daddy as his best course of action. A daddy that clearly never taught him right from wrong. A daddy that has to deal with his big cry… Read More »