Youngest Gross Baboon & Rush Limbaugh’s Nemesis: Caiden Cowger

Jun 7, 2012Gross Baboons

If this photo doesn't remind you of Jerry Sandusky, what does?

Wanna see the world’s Youngest Gross Baboon? Here is teen radio host, Caiden Cowger with West Virginia GOP Senate candidate John Raese, who reminds me of pedophile, Jerry Sandusky. This little closet-case has been spewing anti-gay nonsense on his radio show accusing Barack Obama and Joe Biden of making kids gay. “Like 30 of them in my school alone.” No Caden. We, and you, are born gay. We just have to come to terms with it, not blame it on the President of the United States. Perhaps you might interview your parents on the show to give us some insight into what makes you tick.

So while Old Man Raese fondles your tushy, you can think about all the stupid things that you are saying to get a rise out of your listeners. Speaking of getting a rise, I can assure you that many other Jerry Sandusky types a.k.a. your listeners are reveling in your nubile, prepubescent voice talking about gay sex. How can poor Rush Limbaugh compete with all this? While you are a Young Gross Baboon, he is a really gross baboon and his advertisers who are leaving in droves after Slutgate are looking where to put their hungry dollars. Play your cards right Caiden Cowger and you will end up like Ted Haggard. You watch.



4 Responses to “Youngest Gross Baboon & Rush Limbaugh’s Nemesis: Caiden Cowger”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I address gay marriage in my blog:

  2. Lonster says:

    What this little prick should be doing is cleaning his room and taking out the trash, not spewing hate. Another religious bigot.

  3. Frank says:

    You know what they say about the biggest homophobes…..closet homos!

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