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Let’s get off the Manzie Report for one minute and focus on the grooming during the recent Paris men’s shows. The iconic references were almost palpable. Some of the looks were clearly inspired by the biggest icons from our youth, be it movies, television, or books. There they were, front and center, sashaying down the runways like the ghosts of Christmas past. Follow us on or Sally Field Us on Facebook.    … Read More »

Last night, I went to Peggy Siegal’s screening of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, which fortunately was one block from my home in West Chelsea (such a curmudgeon lately). I am curious to see how this movie will be reviewed, because it will take a certain kind of person to not let the over-the-top crazy/funny performance by Nicholas Cage get in the way of the stick up their ass. You have to sit back, relax and see the funny. Once you do that it’s a great ride. Werner Herzog did a very interesting directing job. Granted a tad… Read More »