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Who do Barbara Bush, Emma Stone, Rachel Roy, Kym Johnson and Aruba have in common?… Read More »

John Bartlett talks about sustainability and the anti-fur movement on Tim Groen’s cool new website. – TIM GROEN Karen Walker is going to go out on a national tour. Not Megan Mullally. – ESTHER GOLDBERG Cindy Adams turns 80. – JEZEBEL Marky Mark’s priest told him not to do the film Brokeback Mountain. So what, he suggested that he do Max Payne or Four Brothers? God is not a good agent, doll.   – TOWLEROAD Seems like Laura Bush is a fag hag. She told Georgie not to be all anti-fag, in so many words, during the 2004 election. You… Read More »

Yesterday, I announced my newest nominee for Gross Baboon of the Year with the news of Jesse James and his uber-skank Michelle “Bombshell” McGee (a.k.a. Skanky McGee, in my book). But the competition continues to be fierce for that award. Today, it’s all about Joslyn James, from the quorum of bosomy broads who diddled with Tiger Woods‘ doodle…or is it doodled with his diddle. Actually, neither, if you go by the salacious texts that poor, little victim of poontang, Joslyn endured…then released to the media…really?!? Who can feel sorry for anyone that makes choices with open eyes and hires someone… Read More »