Kernels of Dish (Wednesday)

Apr 28, 2010Breaking Newzzz

John Bartlett talks about sustainability and the anti-fur movement on Tim Groen’s cool new website. - TIM GROEN

Karen Walker is going to go out on a national tour. Not Megan Mullally. – ESTHER GOLDBERG

Cindy Adams turns 80. - JEZEBEL

Marky Mark’s priest told him not to do the film Brokeback Mountain. So what, he suggested that he do Max Payne or Four Brothers? God is not a good agent, doll.   - TOWLEROAD

Seems like Laura Bush is a fag hag. She told Georgie not to be all anti-fag, in so many words, during the 2004 election. You go, Botox girl. - THE ADVOCATE

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