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New York kicks off World Wide Fashion Week. We’ve seen the best of Nepal (a.k.a. TGIF) Fashion Week and now the fashionistas are prancing around London, wearing their Alexander McQueens (may he rest in peace) and pining for the food in Milan…next up. I love London but wonder if their edgier fashion industry does in fact gives them…an edge. Not sure. Perusing the collections, there are designers whose names are completely new to me. It is as though many British designers are not global brands…which is no judgment…frankly it’s cute. To think that British designers design for themselves and not… Read More »

Now we see that there is a global consciousness to dressing manzies. Sure, I mean…what?!? may have been the one to coin that phrase, but let’s face it… designers have been hell bent on feminizing men for centuries. Look no further than the French courtesans. As London Fashion Week wound down, it was not easy to find a lot of menswear designers until thanks to Zimbio, boy did I find a doozie. The show was called Man…which was to promote Topman. Let me say here that I use that term loosely because ain’t no man I know gonna wear this… Read More »

World Wide Fashion Week. That’s what we are in right now. Soon the fashion editors will feel like they are in that movie from the 60’s. “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium”. The poor dears. Gallivanting to and fro…London, Paris, Milan, New York. Oh, their aching feet. After a seemingly interesting and mild New York Fashion Week, the next stop is London, currently celebrating 25 years of quirky nonsense…sprinkled with a few good designers. In 1984, George Orwell’s dystopia, as predicted, was under way. Today we increasingly experience shades of this nightmare world. The thing is, London has a… Read More »