London Calling…Part Deux

Sep 21, 2010Fashion

New York kicks off World Wide Fashion Week. We’ve seen the best of Nepal (a.k.a. TGIF) Fashion Week and now the fashionistas are prancing around London, wearing their Alexander McQueens (may he rest in peace) and pining for the food in Milan…next up. I love London but wonder if their edgier fashion industry does in fact gives them…an edge. Not sure. Perusing the collections, there are designers whose names are completely new to me. It is as though many British designers are not global brands…which is no judgment…frankly it’s cute. To think that British designers design for themselves and not concerned with making a splash in the states is not believable. Yes, these things keep me up and night. And what also kept me up were some of these ditties on the runway, which were more like nightmares.

Here's what scary about this Kinder Aggugini thing. Yes of course that hat, but look in the background. What is this message? Go...kill a zebra, then off you go to a cocktail party?

This Louise Gray nonsense is ridiculous. It's like Raggedy Ann meets Oscar the Grouch meets a piñata.

I think it's cute that Sienna Miller and her sister have a collection Twenty8Twelve. And it's pretty good overall. This look however is like...I don't know...kind of Sears-y. Now that they profess to be the go to place for trends.

David put me in a Koma. What's with the schmatta between her legs coming out of her arse.

What ever happened to Baby Jane? Meadham Kirchhoff, that's what.

Huh? It's three...three...three dresses in one. Yikes.

Mary Katranzou was compelled to add that piece of schmatta to a perfectly good day look. And it's off to the ball? This is not what they mean when they say day to night dressing. Fotz.

Sass & Bide opened with this messy number. Scary plenty.

This look is from the Unique collection. It's unique alright.

Acne showed this...really?

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  1. vivian Kelly says:

    Yikes! Although they're all butt-ugly and experiments gone-awry, it's the last one that bugs me the most. The ACNE look is what I wear when I'm repainting my Diana Vreeland red bath suite as in I could care less if I mess up THAT outfit.

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