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The Milan shows bring out the masculine guns of the fashion industry. Armani, Zegna and Gucci lead the charge in sophisticated, sexy, masculine clothes. One can consider it boring (some of my readers, you know who you are), but it is at the core of the business and must be respected as such. There is less frills on the runways in Milan, than let’s say, it’s sister fashion city, Paris. The shows got off to a hootenanny of a start here in the City of Lights. Once again, we were presented with the quirky man-hat, a look that I was… Read More »

Page Six supports my Betty White Must Co-Host Emmy Awards Campaign. – PAGE SIX People were kvetching about Julie Andrews one woman show. Leave her alone. What do you want her to do…climb every mountain? She’s 74 years old.  – BILLBOARD Nelly is getting hot in here…as in Macy’s…signing Apple Bottom Jeans. – C & D Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend sounds like a frat boy. She surely can pick ‘em. – POP EATER Elena Kagan…one for the Gipper!!! – NY MAGAZINE… Read More »