Paris Is Burning Alright…To A Crisp

The Milan shows bring out the masculine guns of the fashion industry. Armani, Zegna and Gucci lead the charge in sophisticated, sexy, masculine clothes. One can consider it boring (some of my readers, you know who you are), but it is at the core of the business and must be respected as such. There is less frills on the runways in Milan, than let’s say, it’s sister fashion city, Paris. The shows got off to a hootenanny of a start here in the City of Lights. Once again, we were presented with the quirky man-hat, a look that I was hoping was fully retired since very few were shown in Milan. Alas, Paris marches to a different beat. Paris is where men are able to don a skirt and go food shopping without being looked at cross-eyed…ish. Anything goes in Paris. And that is when I say, please don’t. Here a  few samples of what exactly I mean.

The lacy top layer is completely gratuitous. Givenchy expects who to wear this? Nelly?

Come on, a lacy skirt, the lacy layered top, the homely silhouette.

This ensemble would work for Jackie Collins...or her sister Joan.

Or this get up, too.

Yves Saint Laurent presents the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B. Nice length of skort-culotte-skort-let...whatever you call that.


This is like last Spring's Manzie looks. Fotz.

Now here's a look. Jean Paul Gaultier must have not returned his 3D glasses from Avatar.

This too is a regurgitation of last Spring's Manzie Look.

See what I mean?

I thought this crop-top, Bat Queen look was behind us with Calviin Klein.

Clearly they wash each other out.

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