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Met Crystal Bowersox yesterday who is so beyond lovely…I can’t stand it. Rumors that she wanted to quit AI abound…but my money and heart is on her. – TMZ Lindsay Lohan’s next gig playing Linda Lovelace? That would be so major…it’s beyond. – NY POST These schizophrenics (who I am sure are lovely people) are the lead story in The New York Times Style Section. How schizophrenic is that? – NY TIMES says skinny jeans are out and big flare bottoms are in. Agree or disagree? – STYLE.COM Brooke Muller has loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly…Hills… Read More »

Williamsburg + Madrid = Nonsense

There are some things we should not stand for, and horrible fashion is one of them. Celebrity designers is another thing, but let’s stick with today’s program, which is horrible fashion shown in irrelevant cities that host Fashion Weeks. Let me start with Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. At least Brooklyn knows they could never sustain a week (or a day) but that does not excuse their vain, sad, little attempt to make their fashion mark. Yeah, yeah, Williamsburg is amazing…if you live there. Say what you want, but Williamsburg is better in theory. But this ongoing desperate attempt to prove that… Read More »

Is it just me or is there like some weird energy going around? Maybe it’s the economy, or the loss of key Democratic states so soon after President “Change” Obama took office, proving that Americans don’t really want change. Or perhaps it is the pre-holiday blues. Hell, now that retailers are bringing Christmas in so early, why not move up those holiday doldrums, too. Anyway you slice it, this mid-season funk does not make anyone feel sexy. Introspective, yes. Sexy, no. Take the following IMW WTF Is Wrong With Me Test, (move over Rorschach or Minnesota Tests) to see if… Read More »