Williamsburg + Madrid = Nonsense

Feb 25, 2010Fashion

There are some things we should not stand for, and horrible fashion is one of them. Celebrity designers is another thing, but let’s stick with today’s program, which is horrible fashion shown in irrelevant cities that host Fashion Weeks. Let me start with Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. At least Brooklyn knows they could never sustain a week (or a day) but that does not excuse their vain, sad, little attempt to make their fashion mark. Yeah, yeah, Williamsburg is amazing…if you live there. Say what you want, but Williamsburg is better in theory. But this ongoing desperate attempt to prove that Williamsburg is better than New York City is something that you can talk to my hand about. I surely can appreciate: Williamsburg Hipsters…skinny jeans…quirky accessories…over-sized knit hats…dive bars…counter culture (ish). Congratulations. I am really happy for you. But just leave the fashion industry to the pros in New York City. Need a reason to get bombed? Great…love that idea. Enjoy your cocktails, and leave fashion out of the equation. You think I am being mean? Lookie here.


Thom Browne take notes.


Give me a break.


Next up, Madrid Fashion Week. (Please click that ink for last season’s debacle.) At least Williamsburg has an excuse…booze. But Madrid…give it a rest. Not every country has to have a fashion capitol. Relax. March over to Milan…not Rome…Milan. Last season Gwenyth Paltrow sat front row at Madrid Fashion Week and look at how enthusiastic she was (click on her name). Look at a few of the numbers that just pranced down the Madrid runway and you tell me. Am I being mean or am I on Earth?

And you are wearing this wear...to a Gaga concert?

What Big Bird will wear next fall.

So trying to be Paris Couture Week, but failing miserably. Or this can be a window display for Dylan's Candy Bar.

This is like a bad Sheer Genius episode on Bravo-TV.

And this is....besides ridiculous and wanna be Playboy.


Flower Power my ass.

Inspired by out of the shower towel wear.


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8 Responses to “Williamsburg + Madrid = Nonsense”

  1. Tina (from Sydney) says:

    Abe – you forgot Sydney Fashion Week. (Altho I understand it is now called Australian Fashion Week because all the other parts of the country felt left out so scrambled to compete).

    Here is an overview for you if you are interested: http://www.coutorture.com/tag/2010+Australia+Fash

    But I was particularly taken with the outfit in the following link: http://www.coutorture.com/Rosemount-Australia-Fas
    Because it's EXACTLY what I was wearing whilst doing the gardening last weekend. I was out there pulling out the last of the spinach in my denim shorts, husbands old grey tshirt and unwaxed eyebrows looking like a fashion queen and not even realising. Duh!

  2. Sasa says:

    ….And many more concept pieces. This one totally excellent.

  3. Tina (from Sydney) says:

    Perhaps 'wilde' you can consider this – 11 local designers showing 12 frocks they hope to send to mass production doth not a fashion week make.

    THAT is called a fashion PARADE.

    Whilst every country, city, county jumps on the fashion week bandwagon, it devalues an already hammered couture industry.

    Fashion Week should showcase the creme de la creme of the fashion houses. What we see should set trends, make history. It's not aboout selling frocks but about selling ideas. It should be what every designer aspires to.

  4. Tina (from Sydney) says:

    Oh my – I just saw the video that sasa posted lol!

    That was excruciating to watch. The look on the face of the model on the right said it all – "OMG…please, please, please let there be no one in the audience that I know…".

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