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Just wanted to take a much needed frothy gossip break from all these Tea Baggers and report that Blake Lively and Penn Badgely have officially called it quits. Does this mean that what happens on the show Gossip Girl actually foreshadows the real-life truth? I mean, their characters Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humfrey were an item, kind of the wrong side of the tracks storyline and here we have the real-life break up. I never thought they were a match anyway. Not sure why. No judgment. Just didn’t feel it. Another example of Gossip Girl’s truthiness is how… Read More »

Kylie’s new song…thoughts? – POP JUSTICE Kelis was haggin’ on PETA after they hagged on her. – D LISTED Tay-Tay Momsen is tough as nails. – HUFFINGTON POST Brett Michaels wants to perform again. You go girl. – PEOPLE Lady Gaga wore this lovely mask to dinner at Mr. Chow, NYC. – HUFF POST STYLE… Read More »

Ladies, get out your underwear. In light of the hard hit economy, and the teetering luxury goods business, there’s a great way to be up to the minute in fashion without buying a thing. The answer? Wear nothing. I kid you not. I am not saying buy nothing new. I mean wear actually nothing. Now you can  prance around in your skivvies AND be in vogue. How fantastic is that? I’m a little jealous because men cannot get away with that, whereas women can. I have been grappling with myself (schizophrenia) about this lingerie as outerwear fashion trend that has… Read More »

As fall quickly turns into winter and the Democrats start losing key states, this is when a mild case of the doldrums kicks in. While we’re at it, can you check off any of the following items? ___The shaky economy is making me feel funky. ___The change of seasons makes me feel wonky. ___Daylight Savings Time making nightfall so early throws off my mojo. ___My romance is on the rocks. (OR) ___I’ve been single way too  long. ___All my co-workers (clients) are acting insane. If any of the aforementioned applies to you, then I prescribe a dose of retail therapy.… Read More »