Serena And Dan Split For Realz

Oct 29, 2010Fashion

Serena and Dan in better days...promoting the vote.

Just wanted to take a much needed frothy gossip break from all these Tea Baggers and report that Blake Lively and Penn Badgely have officially called it quits. Does this mean that what happens on the show Gossip Girl actually foreshadows the real-life truth? I mean, their characters Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humfrey were an item, kind of the wrong side of the tracks storyline and here we have the real-life break up. I never thought they were a match anyway. Not sure why. No judgment. Just didn’t feel it. Another example of Gossip Girl’s truthiness is how Taylor Momsen has been cast aside because she is some kind of bad ass. Well, duh. Check out her tits at the recent performance at Don Hill’s. The writers of Gossip Girl yield a kind of power that should very well scare the beJesus out of spoiled annoying Blair Waldorf. The way they are writing her character to be offensive, like nails on a chalk board, may not fair well for the lovely Leighton Meester, who has several interesting movies about to buoy. From the start of the show, Leighton has been my favorite and I still can’t figure out why Anna Wintour is so obsessed with Blake Lively. It’s not like she is an amazing actress…she’s a bit of a mumbler. Anyway…guess it is back to the voting booth. I just wish these Gossip Girl kids would do their part again to promote the vote like they did in 2008 when it was in vogue. Please watch this video.


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