Posts Tagged «world cup» couldn’t resist competing with Vanity Fair by featuring the soccer hotties. It’s so Sex and the City 2 of them. - STYLE.COM Charlie Sheen is opting for jail as opposed to a 2 year probation. Gotta love a guy who knows that there is no way on Earth he is staying clean and sober for that long. – TMZ Who would want to face off with Steve Wynn and Joe Francis? They look insane. – TMZ I love Diana Agron from Glee. She has been completely underused this season…until last night. – DAILY BEAST Yes, I know, he won… Read More »

My friend Johno du Plessis from South Africa sent me this photo montage with the text, “A few good reasons to go to the South Africa World Cup perhaps??” This surely is one riveting way to promote that sport. They say soccer is not as big in the United States as it is everywhere else in the world…well…girl…that is about to change.… Read More »