Kernels of Dish (Wednesday)

Jun 2, 2010Breaking Newzzz couldn’t resist competing with Vanity Fair by featuring the soccer hotties. It’s so Sex and the City 2 of them. - STYLE.COM

Charlie Sheen is opting for jail as opposed to a 2 year probation. Gotta love a guy who knows that there is no way on Earth he is staying clean and sober for that long. - TMZ

Who would want to face off with Steve Wynn and Joe Francis? They look insane. - TMZ

I love Diana Agron from Glee. She has been completely underused this season…until last night. – DAILY BEAST

Yes, I know, he won an Oscar Schmoscar…but I find Adrien Brody really annoying. – COOL SPOTTERS

Just wanted to share these images of Claudia Schiffer shot by Karl Lagerfeld. - SASSY BELLA

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