Gross Baboon of the Year Nominees 2015

Sep 14, 2015Gross Baboons
Who will be the Gross Baboon of the Year?!?

Who will be the Grossest Baboon of the Year?!?

It’s all about Gross Baboon of the Year! Forget the 2106 Presidential Election for five minutes and take a few minutes to consider the more pressing issue, “Who do you want to win this year’s Gross Baboon of the Year Award?”

I was just perusing the nominees from 2012 and boy, some things don’t change! That was a banner year for Gross Baboons, election cycles not forgiving. But then again, without elections, there may never have been the friggen award in first place. Check out that field:

– The Romney’s (Ann in particular)
– Paul Ryan
– Sheldon Adelson
– Donald Trump
– Amanda Bynes
– Lindsay Lohan
– Little Dick Morris
– Karl Rove
– Sarah Palin
– Rush Limbaugh

Fortunately, Amanda and Lindsay have just about disappeared from plain sight. But those Republicans can stay put, with the exclusion of the the Romney’s, they kinda mean well.

But the good news is that there are a bunch of wanna-be @POTUS (would that be POTII?) to choose from and let’s not forget the jail bait #KimDavis, in all her bad hair, bad vibes, and I’d venture to say, bad breath.

Kim Davis may be the one to beat this year for Gross Baboon.

Kim Davis may be the one to beat this year for Gross Baboon.

So, take a beat, see who needs to be added to the list of 2015 Gross Baboon Nominess. If you feel that several POTUS candidates are missing, by all means, please send in your suggestions today!



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