Stop The World, I Want To Get On

Feb 24, 2012Gross Baboons

Even Sammy Davis had similar feelings.

Are you like me in that sometimes you don’t feel part of the action? No matter what you do for a living, who you know (celebrities, taste-makers), regardless of how fierce you were in your youth, and now with the face-paced, cluster-f#&k of social media, there is no keeping up with the Joneses. Surely not with the Kardashians. Imagine if you got paid for every time you had sex, washed your face or went to the gym. How did I not get onto that trajectory? Talk about missing the boat. Or in the case of the Kardashians, the yacht.

As relevant as I may be, having a pretty successful blog, coupled with producing great events and having groovy, happening clients, I still feel that the world is spinning out of control and I want it all to stop… so I can get back on. Not that I was ever off it, mind you. It is just that everyone is now an official maven and teenagers with a laptop are trumping real talent. Never mind the fact that prescription medication has become the new black, and I mean that in the darkest sense of the word… death. When did the world get so twisted? When did a painkiller become just that, only to the extreme? When did something home made become electrifying? When did a sensation become so pedestrian?

We are in a political season that is so toxic and horrendously mean-spirited, which is compounded by the media who obsess on the weirdest people, a.k.a. Rick Santorum. The media have become the Jews in Moses’ dessert idolizing Golden Calves, or in this case, douche bags. And the huddled masses buy into it all. When Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opiate of the people”, he never would have imagined that the media would go on to replace the role of religion to our masses. NO, we have hit the point where good sense needs to have a hay-day and I want to have a roll or role on that hayride.

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