She’s Baaack: The Return Of The Manzie

Jun 18, 2012The Manzie Report

Thank you Marc Jacobs for reviving the Manzie Report.

New Word Alert: prada

v. prada-ed, prada-ing, prada-s
a. To go crazy, to  flip often used with out.
b. To react strongly and especially enthusiastically: She pradaed over the new men’s collection from London.

Nothing has made me happier  than when I was pradaing (see above) from the images at London Men’s Fashion Week only to discover that the long, lost Manzie is back… and potentially with a vengeance. Only time will tell though as we prada through Milan, Paris and New York. Let’s face it, menswear has become one bland sea of plaid and quasi-butch-realness. Coupled with the horrible fact that Yuppies are back in, even though everyone is hurting for dosh. The world is trying to dress up and masquerade their truth. Sure Billy Reid updated traditional menswear by scuffing up this and that, in turn winning him the CFDA Award, but the overall menswear industry has become a conformist wash of boring-ness. Sure, heritage is a wonderful thing, but guys, let’s all relax. Can’t we also put on a frock and let our nether regions flow freely? Let’s prada together!

We must, however, stop and pay homage to Marc Jacobs, who brought (not necessarily sexy) back this much-loved and frankly, much-missed phenomenon single-handedly. But here’s the deal. Only Marc can pull the Manzie look off effectively because:

A. He is Marc Jacobs
B. Marc can get away with anything
C. Perhaps even murder

Anyhoo, join me in celebrating this joyous occasion and prada through the following images from some of the London designers who have contributed to the re-emergence of the Manzie Report Spring ’13.

Christopher Shannon designed this jacket which looks like The Land of Lost Socks or a Muppet something.

Christopher Shannon takes the man skirt to the next level.

I’d opt for the red and pink skirt personally. Come on, it’s everything.

Sibling shows how men really want to look. A lovely two piece ensemble and bee-keeper fencing bonnet fierceness.

And when you’re not fencing, you are in full regalia with this lurex head-to-toe knit thing accentuating your crotch.

Sibling clearly got the 80’s memo, only Rock of Ages bombed at the box office.

Xander Zhou loves a micro-mini skirt with the best of them and coupled with a cape, well, fear not.

Xander Zhou might be the best thing to hit transgender fashion since… since… since…

JW Anderson would like to think that this two-piece nelly set might actually end up in a store. Think again Marlene.

And this nonsense proves that the Manzie Report is going to be huge this coming Spring. The orthopedic Mary Jane’s are to die.

Ahem, JW Anderson, but this look’s been done by Prada. See above when the industry pradaed for Marc at the Costume Institute Gala.

Meanwhile did you notice the Audrey Hepburn-ish kerchief that this JW Anderson thinks will be all the rage? Heavens to Murgatroyd.

I see skater dudes all the time here on West 22nd Street. Ain’t none of them gonna wear this hullabaloo.

I have news for Katie Easy, nor this.

Or this, while I am at it.



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  1. Peter says:

    Hi. Just wanted to point out that Marc is wearing comme des garçons homme plus and not Prada at the met gala. Cheers.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      I don’t see where I wrote that Marc wore Prada, but if you could point me to it, I am happy to change it. Thanks for the comment. xo

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