A Love Letter To Anna Wintour

Sep 11, 2009Breaking Newzzz

Dear Anna,

It is with great joy that I am writing to you this morning after having such a great time at your city-wide…correction…world-wide shopping party last night. I hope you are sipping your coffee and reveling in your success. You know, a lot of people were looking with a crooked eye at this Fashion’s Night Out thing. From the get go…I knew this was gonna be mayjah. I believe the retailers, consumers, well, everyone needs to thank you because when you said “Jump” everyone asked, “How High?” And the higher they jumped, the better off they did. Everywhere I went the energy was fantastic. People were smiling. And how rare is that in this town where the gruffer you are the better. Oh, come on now, New Yorkers are not smilers at all. Somewhere along the road to happy destiny we lost our smile trying to look fierce. You know the look…walking into a nightclub…blank stare…or some such nonsense. Point being, last night was joyous and people were smiling and shopping. I, who am a jaded non-shopper, bought things. Things I really am happy with.

Anna gos to Macy's Queens. Change is in the air...and it is fresh like a summer breeze. But Kate was there because...

Anna goes to Macy's Queens. Change is in the air...and it is fresh like a summer breeze. But Kate Hudson was there because...

It was great for designers to get back into the stores and “be” with their customers. Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, these were the stars of last nights event. Sure, a few traditional celebrity sightings are cute but yesterday was sooooo not about celebrities. Pardon me for not caring about Charlize Theron, Molly Sims or Russell Simmons for five minutes. I am still scratching my head as to why Kate Hudson was part of the kick-off photo op at Macy’s with you, dear Anna. PLEASE don’t tell me she is launching a new line of schmatehs at Macy’s. Fotz. Oh, of course…Kate is probably the October issue cover girl. Remember, I wrote a piece called, Anna Wintour is the smartest woman on Earth. And you are. And I look forward to the 2nd Annual Fashion’s Night Out. What an amazing way to kick off the fall season in New York City where everyone can participate and be made to feel special. Not just the few bold face names.

Even Woodstock went shopping.

Even Woodstock went shopping.

Anyhoo…thank you Anna Wintour. Yes…Grace Coddington might have stolen the show in The September Issue…but you have stolen our shopping hearts. Ugh, I know…people are gonna hate me for loving you…but screw ’em. “They are just jealous”, something my mother always said in her lovely, delusional way. So, all you haters…listen up. Go shopping because Fashion’s Night Out is never over.

Peace, love and my dog, Woodstock…

xoxo ABE…IMW

9 responses to “A Love Letter To Anna Wintour”

  1. FNO lover says:

    What a fun night! I loved seeing all the retailers put on their sunday best and entertain. 14th street was quite a mob scene! I think this event was a great idea and I hope that Anna comes back for round 2!

  2. nile butta says:

    Woodstock looks adorable, he is not chubby. I have gear for him. You Posts are the smartest and most honest thing going! LOve them.

  3. David Colby says:


    Remind me to check for balls next time I see you. I mean really… Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington? Who are you going to blow next? Michael Roberts?

    If only America could get past the hot potatoes lodged in their gullets, you'd all be able to grasp just how awful they are; touting their one-liners to the Fashion Illiterati who by the way, have been mistaking their sour-grapes for dry-wit since shoulder pads.

    Enough! They're like a pair of female Paul Burrells, and just like him, you invited them over in a moment of madness, so now you're stuck with them.

    They were funny in "Death Becomes You" though…


  4. Abe Gurko says:

    Dear David,
    Michael Roberts? Fotz. Anna and Grace…whatever you can say about them, they forces to be reckoned with. And if I had a dollar for each nay sayed about them gals…I'd be laying on the Riviera and not typing this nonsense.

  5. Tim says:

    Hi David, yes, Abe is so gushy, that it is easy to miss that most of Abe's admiration for Anna & Co. comes from a business/marketing angle. Not so much a fashion/creative angle. But I know that that is where Abe's coming from.
    And I just want to agree with you: Michael Roberts: talent- and content-free and weirdly over-rated like many creative people in the US in highly visible positions, it has to be said.

  6. Abe Gurko says:

    Thanks Tim for helping David sift through what he clearly thinks is my bullshit. And as for fashion/creative…Grace is still really fantastic…period. Am I a fan of the Vogue covers? No…because I want to see models gracing the covers again. Period.

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  8. EJC says:



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