Trump & Boehner Orange: The New Old Color Of The Republican Party

Nov 28, 2012Breaking Newzzz

John Boehner continues his initiative to change the Red States to Orange States.

John Boehner no longer cares that there are Red States and Blue States. The landscape has changed since the landslide election of Barack Obama in that Boehner wants to make the Fiscal Cliff the way to create the Orange States. John Boehner and Donald Trump are the poster boys for the new Orange States. Is Boehner grand standing or will be end up with egg on his face and make the orange… yellow.

What the hell color is Donald Trump? Is he kidding. This just proves that Melania is color blind…or just blind.

Watch this old clip of The “Orange-utan” Donald on The View. Yikes. If anyone should be fired, it is Donald Trump.


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