Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Her Work On Liz And Dick

Nov 29, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Lindsay Lohan officially kisses her career goodbye.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested should be the name of the Lindsay Lohan biopic slated for FX, which could actually be it’s own season of American Horror Story. Last night, La Lohan was arrested AGAIN at Avenue in New York City which has nothing to do with some alleged scuttle between two drunk bitches. The arrest is what the NYPD has done as a public service for us (all her critics) in response to that lame, cringe worthy attempt at a comeback vis-à-vis Liz And Dick. That was like the worst biopic ever since Jennifer Love Hewitt tried to play Audrey Hepburn and failed miserably. (PLEASE NOTE: Comeback is a term used loosely here.)

Some people never learn, but that usually applies to Republicans and their orange-faced, all male, good ol’ boy, help-the-rich ways. And since Lindsay went on Twitter to show her support of Mitt Romney, becuase let’s face it, this girl may not have an orange face, but surely it is very, very yellow with all the eggs this chick is now currently sporting. Not only can Lindsay not cut a break, but she has to be surrounded at all times by the Grossest Baboons alive. Case in point her and Charlie Sheen‘s upcoming sex scene in the move that Harvey Weinstein had to pay some chick ten grand to get Lohan’s ass on a private plane and deliver her to set. What can I tell you that you don’t already know. I cannot preach to the choir, we can only sit idly by and tsk-tsk as this silly drug addict/alcoholic spins her web down the toilet of life.

Remembering Lindsay when showing her nipple was the biggest news on the Internet. This video got me 7 million hits in one day. Ah, what a difference three years makes as we too kiss this bitch goodbye.


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